Last Call!

We are finishing our final round of our Montessori Culture Certification. This is available only as a bonus when you buy our MFE Complete Home Study Course.

Find out more about it here: Montessori Culture Certification

Need to spread the investment over a few months?

Last chance to do that ends November 10, 2018.

Find out about our DIY Payment Plan option here.

One more thing – this also the last chance to get help with your Montessori classroom training with Souzzann personally for at least a year (and possibly ever). She will be doing no personal support in 2019 on our Montessori classroom programs. Whether she will be offering this area of guidance personally after that is uncertain.

Sign up for guidance on doing Montessori in your home or school, get our guide to 70 free Montessori videos as our gift, and learn to bring out the creativity and genius in your students or children.

This introduction to Montessori education is ideal for parents, classroom assistants, and Montessori educators. Those new to Montessori will find the explanation of this unique approach to empowering learners entertaining and easy to understand. Experienced educators will get a simple model for helping parents understand and value the Montessori approach. The booklet gives specific suggestions for any educator, including a child’s first educator: his parents. Learn the simplified Montessori for Everybody system for empowering learners and unleashing creativity in the home or classroom.

One of the greatest innovators in education and cognitive psychology was Maria Montessori. Unlike other famous well-known innovators of her time, such as Jean Piaget and John Dewey, her work was extremely practical. She was less interested in why children did things at a certain time than in providing ways to support and enhance healthy development and learning.

Though child-size furniture, objects for young mathematicians to manipulate, and the innovations we now call, ‘hands-on learning,’ are almost universally accepted today, Montessori originated them all. Less than 30 years ago, it was hard to find well-designed furniture sized for a three-year-old. Yet Montessori was promoting and providing these innovations in1907. The true test of an innovator is that his, or her, ideas are now common practice.

Montessori for Everybody is devoted to making these revolutionary learning ideas available to parents and teachers of all children. We even believe they hold many of the keys to dynamic, effective, enjoyable training experiences for adults as well. Learn how you can begin to use Montessori’s ideas to make learning a delightful, productive experience for all those you teach and parent.

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