Diane Bode, Founder of Another Way Montessori

What Diane Bode has to say about Souzzann Zink and her Montessori for Everybody, Complete Home Study Course, that is being used to train staff at Another Way Montessori in Park City, Utah.

Our business is changing.

My current Montessori emphasis is on preparation of the adult – what I’ve called classroom leadership and management skills in our Montessori TV show – rather than on training in the use of Montessori materials. At the same time, we are still getting requests for home study materials to master leading a classroom for children ages 3 to 6 (and for older children with a later start in Montessori). For that reason, we decided to re-release our Montessori for Everybody Complete Home Study Course in digital form.

If we have enough interest (20 or more students), I will consider adding a group support element. Prior to that milestone, this is a product for self-starters who want a complete but well prioritized path to setting up and leading a Montessori environment for children ages 3 to 6. This is a stand-alone product. If you want more support in your Montessori journey, message us about my consulting services for Montessori schools and individuals.

Our training materials allow dedicated adults to learn to provide a complete prepared Montessori environment for children ages 3 to 6. These materials also provide the base for providing a Montessori education to younger and older children. To be completely prepared to support children of other age groups, mentors will need to do additional study on the developmental needs of these groups as well as the curriculum materials they need.

The complete program consists of 8 learning modules grouped by areas of the Montessori classroom and specific mentor preparation. While each module is organized to provide all an educator needs to master that area, essential training in the role and practices of an effective Montessori mentor are provided in the first two modules. All but one module includes the following components:

  • 3 MP4 videos providing 3 to 4 hours of instruction for each area
  • PDF format Manual providing information, resources, and exercises needed to master the area
  • Color over-sized chart giving an essential overview of that skill or curriculum area
  • Handouts and online extras that offer the support of a learning community and structure for mastering the content

Video and Overview Charts Provide the Program Core

Video instruction, supplemented with print materials that provide essential overview, creates the core of our program. After over 26 years experience training educators and other instructors, it is clear that most adults learn best by seeing demonstrations and then, when possible, practicing what they have seen demonstrated. For this reason, we highly recommend obtaining access to a Montessori classroom for practice time. However, it is not essential and we provide practice alternatives as well. Because our training programs are products you purchase, the extensive materials demonstrations are yours to keep. Even if your initial learning does not include classroom practice time, you will be able to expand your presentation expertise by reviewing the programs when you do have hands-on materials to use. We have also found that video presentation of Montessori principles, and especially the principles for choosing which exercises to present and when to present them, is extremely effective for providing confidence and mastery of these concepts.

Print materials are essential to give an overview of each area and how they are related in the child’s experience. We have found that our oversize charts are hugely popular with even very experienced Montessori educators. These overview diagrams help mentors to understand the flow of one area of exercises better than they ever have before. They are also extremely effective to help trainees understand the way exercises in one area prepare children for success in another.

Our manuals go beyond the essential information needed to master the content of an area. We include practices that diligent educators use to make the internal shifts in perception needed to actually become a Montessori mentor. Our program gives you the resources you need to completely reorganize your approach to education. Many trainees have given feedback that only after using these materials have they finally truly understood how to provide Montessori education.

*** The Montessori Complete Home Study course is no longer offered as a physical shelf module set. This same material is now part of the Home Study e-Library in digital formats. (PDF’s and MP4 Videos) ***

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