Practical Life Curriculum Home Study Course

The Practical Life area is the circulatory system of the Montessori classroom for children ages 3 to 6. The exercises in this area create independence, concentration, and the satisfaction of completing a task of your own choosing. This cycle of activity is what keeps a Montessori classroom thriving and drives self-motivated learning. This same essential experience can be created in a carefully prepared home environment.

Child love to contribute when the work is set out for them, with tools they can use successfully, in a step-by-step guided sequence. Completing the exercises builds deeper and deeper concentration abilities as well as confidence. Maria Montessori said, “ The cry of the child is, help me do it by myself!” We all know from our own experiences that this is true.

This module gives you the practical pieces you need to set up a good Practical Life environment and structure success in these activities for your children or students. You will learn how to maintain a vibrant, complete Practical Life area that keeps children interested all year. Forms and instructions are given to allow you to furnish this area with time-tested exercises as well create your own. Many ideas are given to do this well even on a tight budget.

Teach little ones to care for themselves, their environment, and to meet the social challenges of their community and they become confident, happy, contributors in their homes and schools.

Practical Life Curricullum
Practical Life Curriculum MP4's

What you get:

  • Overview on oversized color chart
  • Preparatory exercises
  • Care of the person
  • Care of the environment
  • Art Skill exercises and Food Jobs
  • Grace and Courtesy – Cards for use in the classroom
  • Over 4 1/2 hours of video instruction
  • Concise 50 page manual

Montessori Practical Life Curriculum Manual Highlights

  • Montessori for Everybody Overview
  • Understanding Preparatory Exercises
  • Video Presentations Summary
  • Art Skills and Craft Skills, Note for Parents
  • Practical Art Skills
  • Respectful Language for Guiding Children
  • Potential Pitfalls in the Practical Life Area
  • Sample Practical Life Exercises Rotation Plan
  • Over 20 Grace and Courtesy Cards
  • (for use in your classroom)
  • Creating Practical Life Area Exercises
  • Folding and Cutting Diagrams and Masters
  • Managing Multi-Step Exercises
  • Practical Life Exercises Lists by Type
  • Advanced Practical Life Exercises
  • Resource Section

Video Highlights

Importance of the Practical Life Area

  • Complete cycles of work
  • Independence
  • Manual development

A Complete Practical Life Area

  • Grace and Courtesy Cards
  • Rotation Plan for Exercises
  • Advanced Practical Life Exercises
  • Art
  • A Manageable Practical Life Area

Care of the Person

  • Dressing Frames
  • Hand washing
  • Braiding Board
  • Clothing Care and Sewing
  • Folding Exercises
  • Sewing Preparation

Preparatory Exercises and Care of the Environment

  • Transferring: Pouring Introduction
  • Increasing difficulty: Exercise Progressions
  • Various Sorting Exercises
  • Opening & Closing Containers
  • Clamping, Locks, Other Gadgets

Fancy Napkin Folding

  • Fleur de Lis
  • 3 Stripe with Pockets
  • Double Diamonds

Cleaning Exercises

  • Dusting
  • Sweeping Preparation
  • Floor Sweeping Exercise
  • Supply Tray
  • Polishing
  • Scrubbing

Table and Food Jobs

  • Setting a Table
  • Grinding graham crackers
  • Grater variations
  • Spreading
  • Squeezing orange juice
  • Slicing
  • Nut cracking & grinding

Art Skills

  • Basic skills
  • Cutting, Progression of exercises
  • Gluing
  • Drawing
  • Molding and Modeling Clay
  • Painting
  • Managing different papers

Three-dimensional projects

Craft and gift projects

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