Sensorial Preparation Curriculum Home Study Course

The Sensorial Area is the skeleton of the Montessori classroom for children ages 3 to 6. This is where perception is refined and orderly storage of information is organized. When children take in and store knowledge effectively, learning is built on a foundation of deep support. All the skills and information they have already mastered can be easily connected to new learning.

Good preparation through the sensorial materials builds essential skills for higher learning such as strong visual memory, awareness of where your body is in space, and auditory discrimination skills. Effortless mastery of reading, spelling, geography, math, athletics, and the arts are built on these foundational skills.

This module gives you the practical pieces you need to set up a complete Sensorial  environment and structure success in these activities for your children or students, including students with special needs. You will learn how to choose which materials to have out to start and the sequence in which they are best introduced to keep children progressing in sensori-motor skills all year. You’ll learn essential games the children love that keep them returning to the materials until they have exhausted all the learning each set has to offer. Practical guidelines are given to choose which materials to make and which to buy if you are working on a tight budget.

Give children the learning backbone of well-developed sensory skills and a framework of complete classification of the world around them and they will gather up and use knowledge with surprising ease and joy.

Montessori Sensorial Preparation
Montessori Sensorial Preparation MP4's

What you get:

  • Sequence of preparation exercises
  • Dimensional materials
  • Variations, extensions, and games
  • Mastery tips for advanced work
  • Overview of each strand on oversized color chart
  • Visual memory exercises
  • Mathematical foundation
  • Art trash introduction
  • Almost 5 hours of video instruction
  • Concise 50 page manual

Video Highlights

Cylinders Material

  • Presentations of the Knobbed Cylinders
  • Multiple Cylinder Blocks
  • Sensorial Games Used with Dimensional Materials
  • Knobless Cylinders
  • Knobless Cylinder Combinations
  • Sensorial Game Variations

Rectangular Dimensional Materials

  • Pink Cubes
  • Pink Cubes Variations and Extensions
  • Brown Prisms
  • Brown Prisms Variations
  • Red Rods
  • Sensorial Games Variations
  • Red Rods Extensions
  • Combining Dimensional Materials
  • Pink Cubes Extensions & Building Board
  • Brown Prisms Extensions
  • Pink Cubes and Brown Prisms Extensions

Introduction to Tessellation

Geometric Plane Figures and Solids

  • Geometric Cabinet
  • Geometric Solids
  • Geometric Solids: 8 Extensions

Stereognostic games

Chromatic Sense

  • Chromatic Sense Introduction
  • Color Box 1 – Primary Colors
  • Color Box 2 – Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, and Neutrals
  • Color Box 3 – Pairs of Tints
  • Color Box 4 – Value Gradations
  • Color Variations and Extensions:
  • Group Sensorial Games
  • Spectrum or Color Wheel of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Colors

Kinesthetic/Tactile Senses

  • Introduction and Tactile Board
  • Tactile Tablets
  • Tactile Circles
  • Fabric Box discussion
  • Thickness Circles
  • Baric Tablets
  • Thermic Tablets & Bottles

Other Sensorial Areas

  • Olfactory and Gustatory
  • Bells and tonality discussion
  • Autoharps, keyboards, and pianos

Advanced Exercises

  • Binomial cube – 6 presentations
  • Trinomial cube
  • Constructive Triangles: 5 Boxes
  • Box of Circles, Triangles, and Squares
  • Bead Stair Star

Sensorial Area Extras

  • Geoboards with colored rubber bands
  • Might Mind parquetry blocks for tessellating and more
  • Tangrams
  • Magformers and Platonic Solids

Visual memory & Geography

  • Tactile globes
  • Poseable Figures and Cards

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