Montessori Language and Phonics Home Study Course

This is a 2 module program on our private learning platform. The Language module works together with the resources in the Phonics & Spelling for Everybody I, Montessori Language Supplement module (description below). The detailed information about the phonics program, as well as the PDF files to make an extensive set of Pink, Blue, Green scheme reading materials, are in the Phonics module. This 2 module program gives you the practical information you need to set up a complete beginning Language environment.

The Language Area is the muscular system of the Montessori classroom. This area provides the skills and vocabulary that children need to move into knowledge of every sort. When a child reads fluidly, easily, and with effortless understanding of the text, the entire world of information is within reach. Being in on the secret code of what we call each thing in the environment brings great confidence and a lifelong love of words.


Good reading habits, built on a complete knowledge of the phonetic code of English, make books of any reading level accessible to children. Montessori language exercises help children successfully avoid the potential stumbling blocks of word guessing, confusing reading and spelling strategies, and a haphazard approach to new words.

This module gives you the practical pieces you need to set up a complete beginning Language environment. You will learn how to choose and make materials that will build reading, writing, and spelling skills all year. You’ll learn to use children’s natural love of miniature objects to offer them exercises that keep them practicing each skill and
letter sound until they have it mastered. Practical guidelines are given to make quality materials economically and to make smart purchases that fit into a tight budget.

Give children strong reading, spelling, and writing skills, along with a large vocabulary, and they will confidently explore knowledge on their own. A love of books and writing will open doors for them all their lives.

Phonics & Spelling for Everybody I Montessori Language Supplement Home Study Course
Reading well and spelling well require two very different learning strategies. With a strong visual memory foundation, children can learn to spell well much as they learn.

What you get:

  • Overview of each strand on color chart
  • Oral language preparation exercises
  • Handwriting, with prerequisites
  • Letter sounds and pre-reading skills
  • Updated Pink, Blue, and Green sets
  • Beginning concrete grammar
  • Creating materials economically
  • Works together with Phonics and Spelling for Everybody module
  • Over 4 1/2 hours of MP4 video instruction
  • Concise 50 page PDF manual

Montessori Language Curriculum Manual Highlights

Montessori for Everybody Overview
Strands of the Montessori Language Area
Video Presentations Summary
Nursery Rhymes
Oral Language Games
Sounds First and Notes for Parents
Respectful Language for Guiding Children
Potential Pitfalls in the Language Area
Pre-reading Exercises Rotation Plan
Montessori Approaches to Teaching Reading

Updated Pink, Blue, and Green Reading Scheme
Small Group Work: Period 2.5 of the Three Period Lesson
Creating Language Area Exercises

Miniature Objects and Attracting the Learner

Books for Beginning Readers
Grammar for Young Children

Beginning Word Study

Materials and Exercises Lists for Language

The Problem with Puzzle Words
Resource Section

Montessori Language Curriculum, Ages 3-6

MP4 Video Highlights

  • Passage to Abstraction
  • Rhyming
  • Methods in the Language Area Overview
  • Oral Language Games
  • Books
  • Materials in the reading progression
  • Materials in the writing progression
  • Oral Language Games
  • Fantasy discussion
  • Sound Awareness Games
  • Prereading Shelf work
  • Three Period Lesson, Matching Objects
  • More Matching Exercises
  • Go-together Cards; Control of Error
  • Opposites Cards
  • Classification
  • Sequencing Cards
  • Rhyming Objects & Cards
  • Various additional pre-reading exercises
  • Writing and Reading Materials Introduction
  • Geometric or Metal Insets
  • Sandpaper Letters
  • Teaching a phonetically irregular language
  • Sounds first, letter names later
  • Movement and the Movable Alphabet
  • Phonetic Reading
  • Consonant Shelf – 1st Exercise: Sandpaper Letters
  • Initial or Beginning Consonant Exercise Series
  • Ending Sound Consonants
  • Pink Level Reading
  • Blending
  • Word Building: Exercise #1
  • Small Pink Books
  • Long Pink Lists
  • Labeling Exercises
  • Short Sentences
  • “A” and “The” exercises
  • More Practice Exercises – Insta-Learn STEP board
  • Stetros®
  • Rubbing Boards and Templates
  • Monochomatic Isolation of Difficulty
  • Grammar Introduction
  • The Farm/Miniature Environment
  • Noun Commands – Pink Cabin
  • Adjective Commands
  • Verb Commands
  • Remaining parts of speech commands
  • Word Study Introduction
  • Key Experiences: Noun & Verb
  • Verb Study – Red Command cards, Pink level
  • First Printed Adjective Study
  • The Preposition
  • Adverb Labels for the Second Farm
  • Pronoun Key Experience
  • Interjection Key Experience
  • Concrete experiences first, rule-oriented, more abstract sorting later
  • Blue Reading
  • Blue shelf 1
  • Small Group Cards
  • Puzzle Words
  • Green Reading
  • First Keys to Books, Booklet 1
  • Cards

Phonics & Spelling for Everybody I

Reading well and spelling well require two very different learning strategies. With a strong visual memory foundation, children can learn to spell well much as they learn to ride a bike. Learn it once and you never need to learn it again. If they learn the set of behaviors that allow them to accurately remember words they see, those words are automatically stored whenever they read. Using the strategy, they accurately recall correct spellings when they write and to know when they need to double check a word.

Reading with ease and understanding is a more complex skill but one that can be learned quickly. Children need to be taught the complete phonetic code of English, and good reading habits, in order to become good readers. When given these tools, children easily learn to master reading material classified as well above their grade level.

This manual walks you through a systematic approach to the entire phonetic code as well as the most effective spelling strategy. It gives you an organized, easy to master alternative to teaching dozens of high frequency, irregular words as “sight words.” Learn to teach your children essential sounding out skills and give them practice with words that will let them master the phonetic code.

Give children the building blocks of strong reading and spelling skills and books and writing become joyful ways to explore and express. Spare them from tiresome grade-
leveled reading material by giving them phonics skills that allow them to enjoy any book they choose.

What you get:

  • Overview chart of phonics sequence
  • Complete phonics program
  • Disk with full set of exercises to print out
  • Letter sounds to reading mastery
  • Updated Pink, Blue, & Green system
  • Beginning grammar exercises
  • Works together with Montessori Language module
  • Over 2 1/2 hours of MP4 video instruction
  • Concise 50 page PDF manual

Phonics and Spelling for Everybody Video and Manual Highlights

  • Phonics Principles for Everybody
  • Priniciples for Teachers, Tutors, and Mentors
  • Spelling Principles
  • Tricks and Pneumonics
  • Phonics Rules
  • Charts
  • The Process
  • Visual Spelling Strategy
  • Phonogram Charts & their use
  • Children’s Charts
  • Word Lists  Structure

Word Lists Activities

  • Word List A – Pink
  • Word List A – Blue
  • Word List A – Green
  • Phonetic Readers List A Supplement
  • Magic E Word List A Supplement
  • Top 12 Key Words & Top 20 Key Words Charts
  • High Frequency Words List A Supplement
  • Vowel Rules with Example Lists
  • Consonant Rules with Example List
Phonics and Spelling for Everybody 1

Learning Materials for Students in Digital Format (PDF’s)

  • Phonogram Charts – 8
  • Secrets exercise – Pink, Blue & Green sets
  • Little Books (phonogram booklets)
  • Short Vowel Sounds
  • Long Vowel Sounds
  • Consonant Digraphs
  • Vowel Diagraphs
  • Collective Nouns Exercises
  • Sentence Completion Exercises
  • Word Label Cards for Objects – 600+
  • Word Label Cards for Pictures – 250
  • (matches Lakeshore set)
  • Compound Word Labels
  • First Keys to Books, Booklets – 3
  • Consonant Digraph Object Sorting Labels
  • Word Lists Activities Cards – 10
  • Word List Chests Labels
  • Word Lists
  • Pink with Cued Key Word and Illustration – 18
  • Pink Little Lists – 40
  • Blue with Cued Key Word and Illustration – 30
  • Blue Little Lists – 40
  • Green with Cued Key Word and Illustration – 30
  • Green Little Lists – 30
  • Key Words – 9
  • Magic E and 2 Vowels Lists – 18
  • Bingo Games – 9
  • Go Fish card sets – 3
  • Pink Flashcards set – Phonograms I, basic set
  • Blue Flashcards set – Phonograms I, full set
  • Green Flashcards set – Phonograms II
  • Pink Word Study – 4
  • White Word Study Little Lists – 20
  • White Word Study Big Lists – 20
  • Phonogram Sorting Pocket Cards – 18
  • Phonogram Sorting List Cards – 80
  • Grammar materials
  • Classroom Pink Nouns – 30
  • Classroom Verbs: Pink, Blue & Green – 90
  • Miniature Environment Labels – 350+
  • Pictures and Labels – Blue only
  • Cued Key Words and Illustrations Cards
  • Sorting Header Label Cards – Phonics and Grammar

Here is the Intro to Montessori Language and Phonics Home Study Course when you sign up.

Montessori language & Phonics Home Study Course

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